Let's Build Something Powerful Together.

Jennifer H. Goodwin - TGM™ Certified Marketing Strategist​®

The Goodwin Method™ was founded by American Business Consultant Jennifer Goodwin over the past two decades ​and has become the most ethical marketing framework for entrepreneurs everywhere.

You hire a strategist to build a marketing strategy, not a web designer.

You don't hire a plumber to create a 50,000sf custom home. You hire an Architect & Engineering Firm to create the plans before ever going to the General Contractor. Once the general contractor starts, he or she will manage the sub-contractors like plumbers, electricians, framers etc.

It's the same thing in the business world. You wouldn't hire a web designer (sub-contractor) or a funnel builder (sub-contractor) to build your business and marketing. You might end up with a toilet in the living room. (No offense to all of my plumber friends and customers.)

The Marketing Strategist creates the blueprint first before a business owner get a full-stack agency on board. Once the agency starts, they manage the sub-contractors such as advertising specialists, web designers, graphic artists, programmers etc.

Jennifer Hall Goodwin Is The Complete Package

Jennifer got her start as a virtual assistant and worked her way through every

sub-contractor skill in the first 15 years of building her
Internet Marketing Agency.

Software - Public Relations - Marketing - Sales - Project Management

Once she had all the experience and sub-contractors in place,

she stepped into the elite role of Certified Marketing Strategist®.

Not only can Miss Goodwin plan your business launch/growth, but she can personally build it too.


Jennifer Goodwin helps business owners and executives understand where the gaps are in their marketing blueprints.

​She is most effective as an interim C.O.O. and C.M.O. role to keep internal departments trained up in the latest methods and outsourced teams standardized to integrate into a seamless project management process for the business.