Jennifer Hall Goodwin is an American business consultant, philanthropist, speaker and founder of one of the longest-running Marketing Agencies and inventor of The Goodwin Method™.


Jennifer Goodwin founded her first virtual agency in 1996 while still in college for architecture. Her ability to organize complex projects and manage multiple teams have earned her the prestige of being one of the only agency owners on the planet to have earned top certification of The Goodwin Method™.

​Her agency has worked with clients such as Accenture, Hewlett Packard, The American Lung Association and thousands of other companies looking for a one-stop marketing system.


After almost two and a half decades of being an agency owner, project manager and team trainer, Miss Goodwin is bringing standards and ethics to the unregulated marketing industry. Her sophisticated system of taking clients from concept to being found everywhere their customers are (online and off) is offered in an intensive training & certification process in various locations around the globe.

TGM Certified Agencies™ are professionally positioned as ethical and well-rounded service businesses ready to handle any size project or campaign.

We Are Passionately Helping ENTREPRENEURS Succeed!​

Jennifer Goodwin - the internet's most diverse marketer. During the past 24 years of serving clients online, Jennifer has helped to launch hundreds of startup companies and many go from 6 figures to 7 and beyond. She now acts as a consultant on marketing strategy, business operations and digital technology.

​Her superpowers include the ability to take existing systems and make them more affordable and more profitable to create aggressive growth. Goodwin's clients boast 2x-10x revenues and millions of customers. Jennifer's specialties range from Operation Systems, Marketing and PR, Health & Wellness campaigns and more.

Jennifer has spent 24 years finding the right, ethical people to lock arms with. Her agency has served thousands of clients in a digital world full of liars. The reason she has remained in business for 24 years is because of her work ethic, strict vetting process and stellar integrity.

You don't become and stay successful by lying or ripping people off like others have so many times.

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